Awarded Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2021.

Part III Examples Class Instructor, University of Cambridge, UK (2023-2024)

I teach examples classes for the Part III (Masters level) course ‘Planetary System Dynamics’ for Prof. Mark Wyatt. My duties involve marking and assessing problem sheets submitted by the students. I then teach a two-hour long class working through the solutions, focussing on any particular area where the students struggled.

First Year Undergraduate Lab Demonstrator, University of Warwick, UK (2019-2021)

Work as a demonstrator for weekly lab sessions assisting eight students with various physics experiments. My work focusses on building students experimental skills alongside, lab book keeping and report writing skills. I have a particular interest in ensuring that higher education is inclusive for all and embody that in my teaching.

Second Year Undergraduate Lab Development, University of Warwick, UK (2020)

Assisting Dr. Daniel Bayliss, Dr. Grant Kennedy and Dr. Dimitri Veras in developing a new experiment for the second year labs focussing on numerical integration using the Python package Rebound.

Tutor, Explore Learning, Hounslow, UK (2016-2017)

In my role at Explore Learning, I frequently tutored up to 6 children (aged 5-14) at a time, helping them with maths and English skills. This role increased my ability to manage time effectively and keep track of work loads, as the children can be quite demanding at times. I also increased my ability to work with people of all ages and conduct my self in an appropriate manner for all ages. Frequent staff training allowed me to keep up to date with new teaching methods and how to embody the values of Explore Learning.